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NCC'24 is excited to announce an open call for students to our two-week summer filmmaking camp. This year, we are embracing the

theme of “Sustainable Stories”, a multifaceted concept that delves into environmental sustainability, enduring narratives, social dimensions of storytelling, and metaphorical sustainability. 

We are looking for all filmmaking students: directors, cinematographers, scriptwriters, producers, editors and sound designers. Selected candidates will form an international teams and will work on audiovisual projects together.

Please, register with filling this form:


All travel costs, accommodation, and meals will be fully covered by the Nord Creative Camp

For more information, please contact your school representative in NORDFILM network

Nord Creative Camp

Nord Creative Camp is an annual summer camp taking place in the small town of Kintai, Lithuania, by the Curonian Lagoon and near the Baltic Sea. Students from all Nordfilm network schools gather for two weeks to learn, create, and produce short films in teams, as well as to network, collaborate, and broaden their knowledge in sustainable filmmaking practices. The camp also includes student film screenings, seminars, teamwork activities, and more. In 2024, the camp will take place from June 25 to July 08.

Sustainable stories

Our core NORDFILM network idea “Green future in film” transcends the mere depiction of environmental themes on screen. It embodies an ethos of interconnectedness, recognising that every aspect of filmmaking, from conceptualisation to production, has an impact on the planet. This approach urges filmmakers to consider the ecological footprint of their craft and to creatively reimagine the industry's relationship with nature. This year’s NCC theme “sustainable stories”, in this context, are narratives that reflect and propagate this ethos. They are tales that not only explore themes of conservation, climate change, and ecological balance but also adopt these principles in their creation.  Moreover, sustainable stories are inherently inclusive. They recognise that environmental issues are intrinsically

linked with social justice, equity, and community resilience. These narratives provide a platform for diverse voices, particularly those from marginalised communities who are often most affected by environmental degradation. In doing so, sustainable stories can catalyse a more holistic and equitable approach to environmental action. Students will be provided with specific locations and actors, and they will need to collaborate in international

teams to create, write, prepare, and produce short films. Creativity within these given parameters will encourage them to seek out stories that align with the guidelines of the camp.


Nordfilm Network schools

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University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Aca
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